2015 Cultural Mapping: Debating Spaces & Places

The emerging field of cultural mapping provides new impetus for the understanding of the conceptual and geographical spread of cultural phenomena. Inspired by the Valletta 2018 Foundation's own cultural mapping project, this conference brought together leading academics and researchers from across the world to discuss various cultural mapping exercises taking place in their regions.

Main Speakers

  • Photo Aadel

    Aadel Essaadani

    Co-Founder Association Racines (Morocco), former Chairperson of Arterial Network

    Knowing what exists to help decide: the context of the implementation of the "Etats généraux de la culture au Maroc"
  • Pierluigi  Sacco

    Pier Luigi Sacco

    Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University Milan

    Cultural mapping and system-wide cultural districts: results from Italian and Swedish case studies
  • Maria Attard

    Maria Attard

    Director, Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, University of Malta

    Cultural Mapping - tools to engage
  • Cominelli

    Francesca Cominelli

    Researcher, University of Lille 3 & French Ministry of Culture & Communication

    Mapping intangible cultural heritage actors in France
  • Portrait 1

    Sandro Debono

    Senior Curator, National Museum of Fine Arts; Project Lead MUŻA

    MUŻA - Rethinking national museums as cultural spaces
  • Lia Ghilardi

    Lia Ghilardi

    Founder, Noema

    Cultural mapping for sustainable cities
  • Ammar Kessab

    Ammar Kessab

    Senior Governance Expert, African Development Bank

    Cultural mapping in the Maghreb region: statement and uses
  • Oleg Endelig 1

    Oleg Koefoed

    Action Philosopher; Co-founder Cultura21 Nordic and International

    From mapping to urban cultural ecosystems: the legacy of cultural work
  • Neil1

    Neil Peterson

    Founder & Director, Inside Track

    Can culture change communities?

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