2016 Cities as Community Spaces

This conference explored the interplay between physical/virtual space and its use by the different communities within a city by discussing the dynamics through which space (public, private and virtual) serves as a site of discourse, contestation and critical reflection within and between communities.

Main Speakers

  • Jonas Buchel

    Jonas Būchel - supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Malta

    Urbanist, Co-Founder Urban Institute Riga

    Communities Reinventing Europe - A Chance for Democracy?
  • Tania El Khoury

    Tania El Khoury


    The Audience Will Witness
  • Giuliana Renzo Merged Resized

    Giuliana Fenech & Renzo Spiteri

    Co-Founders Open Works Lab

    Quintessence: Exploring Cities through Sound and Play
  • Nicolas Détrie Resized

    Nicolas Détrie - supported by the Embassy of France in Malta

    Yes We Camp Co-Founder

    Yes We Camp
  • Christian Dimmer Pic

    Christian Dimmer - supported by the EU Japan Fest Committee


    Tokyo Transition(s): Citizen Urbanism in Non-Western Contexts
  • Paolo Gerbaudo

    Paolo Gerbaudo

    Political & Cultural Sociologist

    The Dispersed City and the Programmed Crowd
  • Shawn Micallef

    Shawn Micallef

    Editor, Author, Flâneur

    The City is Our Public Living Room

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