2018 Sharing the Legacy

The fifth in the Valletta 2018 Foundation's series of annual conferences, this conference encouraged broad reflection on the central issues that define urban life by channelling its discussions through the basic question of “What makes a city better?”. This reflection aimed to understand how cities can be shaped to better suit the needs and desires of the individuals and communities that it hosts, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

Main Speakers

  • Justin Mc Guirk

    Justin McGuirk

    Writer & Curator

    Radical Cities Revisited
  • Ujju Aggarwal

    Dr Ujju Aggarwal

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, The New School, Parsons University

    Fight for the City: Urban Commons and Legacies of Struggle
  • Pascal Gielen

    Prof. Pascal Gielen

    Professor of Sociology and Art & Politics, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts

    Art, Politics & Public Life in the City of the 21st Century
  • François Matarasso Photo Kevin Ryan 1

    François Matarasso

    Community Artist & Writer

    The Normalisation of Participatory Art

Conference Outcomes

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