Anna Formosa

Anna Formosa

Project manager, "Darba Waħda..."

Anna’s career in the arts started as a performer with Aleateia Theatre Group. Her interest in drama led her to obtain a distinction for a Master’s degree in Applied Drama from the University of Exeter in 2005, after which she spent many years in the UK working on numerous community arts projects in education and for social intervention before returning to Malta to continue to work locally. 

Among other places she worked at the Barbican Theatre (Plymouth), at Haringey Shed Inclusive Theatre Company (North London), for Creative Partnerships (South East) and Creation Theatre Company (Oxford). Along the way she led various drama clubs with children, delivered tailor-made workshops in schools, directed youth theatre groups, participated at community arts festivals, and got involved with Żigużajg Children’s International Theatre Festival. With the support of various arts fund such as the Oxford Arts Fund (UK), Malta Arts Fund, and President’s Awards for Creativity, she created platforms for projects with elderly people, young offenders, and people with learning difficulties. Among her latest work there are an intergenerational project called ‘Darba Waħda...’, a Shakespeare school project and a project at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. Passionate about merging artistic ‘languages’ she collaborated on various projects with other artists such as a circus performer, a sound therapist, and a drama therapist.

Anna believes that involvement in creative projects enriches people’s lives and continues to work to make these more accessible.

Darba Waħda…the beginning of a story

Older people have a wealth of information and experience that makes them valuable members of our community. Children, on the other hand, with their simplicity and positive energy, are inspirational. Darba Waħda… is a Valletta 2018 intergenerational project which gives children and older people the opportunity to share and learn from each other and have fun quality time together through creative methods including drama games and exercises, making things, storytelling and improvisations. The name of the project itself implies the beginning of a story which preambles the unfolding of a new story when the two generations meet which in turn is made up of personal and collective narratives of the participants.

The project consists of 10 consecutive sessions in each location and so far there has been 13 projects. Having taken place in different locations across Malta since 2015 involving participants from different communities and throughout 2017 up to 2018, this study will discuss the outcome of the project so far, the impact the project has on the participants and in turn the communities they live in. It will take in consideration the various factors that come into play such as the role the collaborators have, location where it takes place, demographics of participants, etc. Through personal observation and a small scale qualitative study, the study will discuss the value the project adds to participants, the potential it has to enrich the local community and the diverse pathways it opens up beyond the workshops.

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