Victor Jacono

Dr Victor Jacono

Theatre artist & educator

Dr Victor-Emmanuel Jacono teaches performing arts at the ALP Vocational and Creative Centre, and the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. Gaining international experience as a theatre artist and educator, and combining performer pedagogy with complexity theory and neuroscience in his doctoral studies at Roma “La Sapienza”, he has developed a particular interest in creative instruments that can be adopted by artists and non-artists alike. Since 2016 he has been conducting the community arts project Ġewwa Barra as part of the Valletta 2018 programme.

Ġewwa Barra: creatively relating inside and outside

Ġewwa Barra is a community arts project aiming at empowering the residents of Valletta by encouraging them to relate responsibly and creatively with the city and its ongoing changes. By means of informal encounters leading to creative workshops led by local and foreign facilitators and artistic collaborations, the project has been inviting the inhabitants of the capital city to engage their diverse cultural baggage (knowledge, beliefs, customs, skills …) in the expression of needs and dreams that shape their experience of Valletta as a lived space. The presentation will discuss the project ethos and give an outline of the process from its beginning to its completion in 2018. It will illustrate the project’s challenges and achievements, and discuss the legacy of such a community arts project beyond 2018.    

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