Juan Carlos Belloso

Juan Carlos Belloso

CEO, Future Places

Founder and CEO of Future Places, an independent consulting company based in Barcelona that specializes in creating strategies for the positioning and competitiveness of places and destinations worldwide, Juan Carlos is a renowned international expert in the corporate and place strategy, branding and promotion field.

He has been, for many years, advisor to the City Council of Barcelona and other city organizations and institutions and has also provided strategic consulting services to many cities, regions and countries worldwide including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, the US, Latin America, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Culture, City identity and City Image: The role of cultural districts and destinations in shaping the city’s cultural identity and image

Cities have become the focal point for creation, innovation and exchange. In the new urban age, where all cities compete against each other to attract and retain residents, visitors, investment, talent, events, creative people, organizations, etc., culture, creativity and the arts are increasingly a central point of differentiation and attraction. They help to transform and to shape people’s own identities, both for residents and visitors.

Cultural districts and destinations of all shapes, sizes and forms emerge from the world’s cities as a key tool for the physical, cultural, social and economic transformation and development of urban communities.

A key aspect and challenge for the success of any cultural district and destination is its ability to attract and retain visitors, cultural institutions, investors, artists and creatives, as well as its engagement with and ability to retain existing local residents, artists and creatives in their home district and city.

In this presentation, we will analyse the different type of cultural districts and destinations depending on how they have been formed and promoted, on their geographical boundaries and characteristics and on the content and cultural activities and amenities they include.

We will also analyse the relationship between cultural districts and destinations and the city where they are located; how different cultural districts and destinations around the world are building, managing and promoting their brands and offering and how they manage to involve stakeholders and engage and retain existing local residents, artists and creatives in their home district and city and the use of public spaces for cultural and community engagement.

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