Michele Gerace

Dr Michele Gerace

Co-founder Bar Europa, hosted by the British Council

Michele Gerace, a lawyer, grew up with the values of the "cento giovani" association, president of Observatory on European union Jobs and Growth Strategies, co-founder of Fonderie Digitali, creator of "Costituzionalmente: il coraggio di pensare con la propria testa", cultural stirrer, co-founder of Bar Europa, director for European Affairs at Lazio Regional Council

Bar Europa

This presentation will discuss 'Bar Europa',  an initiative born in Rome by a group of young men and women that strongly believe in the enormous potential of Europe as a continent, as a community, as a ‘melting pot of cultures’, rooted in the diversity of cultures and languages.

Bar Europa is everywhere and in everyone that wants to help to make a difference based on the principles of unity, sharing and integration. We meet at a ‘bar’ (a local coffee shop) to talk, debate, create and share ideas and solutions to safeguard and promote our Europe. These gatherings bring together young people all over Europe that can generate new ideas where governments do not break through.

Bar Europa has taken place in multiple venues in Rome, as well as in England and the Netherlands, and has given birth to various exchanges and collaborations of an artistic and musical nature.

Through its activities, Bar Europa entails a grassroots community creating and strengthening intersectorial and intergenerational cross connections between publics, activists, artists, cultural operators, representatives of the civil society and local authorities. It's an environment of change that we hope will continue to grow exponentially.

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